TOYOLIGHTING established in China since 2007, has been committed to provide world-class LED Module,Led strips and Led lightings. TOYOLIGHTING specializes in R&D and manufacturing of SMD Led Module,RGB Led Module,High Power Led Modules and Led strips, Led lights with continuous technology development and quality improvement based on technical skills and accumulated know-How in Led lighting Industry.
Led Technology brings unprecedented cost savings and efficiency, and Toyo Lighting Technology has played a major role in bringing the benefits of Led to brands all over the world.

Our Products are developed and supported by a remarkable team, Committed to quality and service, Our team represents the state-of-the-art technology in the Led industry.


TOYOLIGHTING's High performance, High quality and reliable Led lighting products deliver energy and maintenance cost savings with the best lumen per dollar ratios in the business, Our products comply with CE, RoHs ULcUL certification, and undergo photometric, electrical, thermal and lifetime tests, since some Led Lighting operate in an outdoor environment, TOYOLIGHTING adopts some of the rigorous tests used by the automotive industry, such as humidity bias, thermal shock, salt fog and sulfur environment tests.

TOYOLIGHTING Hopes to become your most reliable and cooperative partner, We look forward to the collaboration.